Wednesday, November 30, 2011


i get asked quite often about what type of guy do i fall for. well, well...lemme see...hmmm what do i look for in a guy ek? one thing's for sure, i am waaayyyy past the age of attracted to those oh-so-good looking guys. masa 17, 18 tahun bolehlah nak go ga-ga over guys macam robert pattinson or taylor lautner tu kan. a 26 year old me would probably prefer someone like aaron aziz. wah tetiba masuk local artist kan. haha. tapi you get what i mean lah kan. personality and maturity are what basically i am more attracted to these days.

i'm at this stage where my facebook wall are mainly full with baby photos. most of my close friends are either having kids, happily married, soon to be married or in a relationship. except yours truly lah kan. hehe. do i feel the pressure to settle down? frankly speaking, no. not really. i mean, there's no denying the fact that there were times where i kinda feel like having someone by my side and longing to have those cute little ones. but i believe that if something is bound to happen, it will happen. at the right time with the right person and for the best reason. 


footnote : Hello December! 

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xara said...

Facebook saya pula tengah musim dipenuhi dengan foto baby ke-3, ke-4 & ke-5. Hehe