Tuesday, December 23, 2008

at-10-tion !

dear readers,

I am pretty busy at the moment as I already started the development phase in the project (have to get used to Portlet, Servlet etc). so, any update may be post during weekends or holidays.

Thank you...

saja nak perasan kononnya blog aku ni dibaca oleh orang ramai. cewah! gambar dan entry pasal journey kamek ke sarawak, akan dipost later. kitak tunggu saja. kamek sik ada masa.

(mesti orang sarawak gelak baca entry aku, suka hati je. tah betul ke tak grammar bahasa sarawak aku ni...wahaha!)

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

sarawak, here i come!

my last post before flying to Sarawak.
my flight will depart on Thursday morning.
pergi dengan famili ummu.
tak sabar sungguh.

away from the madness.
away from the endless work.
away from the Twilight obsession
i definitely need this vacation.
to calm my obsession.
and my stressfull work.

ps: i'll be back on Sunday night :)

the colour black

black is the colour, kak zu.
i'm answering her tag. hehe.

i want everything black.
black car.
black handbag.
black pants.
black wedding dress. (eh?!!)
black wedding cake (with the taste of chocolates).
black flip flop.
black shoes.
black shirts.

i have a thing for black.
black is definitely sexy.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

twilight saga continues

just finished reading Breaking Down, the final book of the Twilight series.
one word to describe it : SUPERB!

the best finale you could've ever imagined. really enjoy every pages. makes me fell in love with not just Edward, but the rest of the Cullens as well. actually, i fell in love with all of the vampires.
Good Vampires vs Volturi. and there's Reneesme, Edward and Bella's daughter.

can't wait for the final series to be on the silver screen. haisyy...i will be pushing 30 kot when the movie finally opened. (tidakkkk!!!) cewah! ye la, New Moon will be complete in 2010 (i will be 25 years old). Cuba bayangkan yang final movie tu bila pula nak dicompletekan. and Robert will be pushing 30 too (a year younger than me) i started reading it last night, around 10 p.m and finished reading it 6.15 pm today. it consisted of 856 pages.

anyway, i also have read Midnight Sun, still from Stephenie Meyer. but not the whole book. i only managed to have until chapter 12 in ebook. well, Midnight Sun is sort of the spin-off of Twilight. i fell in love with it already. can't resist the charms. cewah! all 4 of the twilight books centered around Bella's thoughts and actions while Midnight Sun revolves around Edward and his mind-reading ability.

by the way, anyone of you know where i can get a copy of Midnight Sun?
went to Kinokuniya & MPH Online last weekend but there isn't any.

Do They Hear You When You Cry?

Since we're in the mood for Book Review (cewah!), I remembered reading a truly magnificent novel by Fauziya Kassindja with Layli Miller Bashir, title "Do They Hear You When You Cry?". I read this book when I was in high school, at the age of 16 to be exact. It was on the shelf in my class room. I was actually dying of boredom the day when I decided to give this book a try. My friend even surprised seeing me reading the book from the shelf. I told them, this is such a great story to be read. To be known. Not just sitting there, on the shelf as a display items.

This is a true story. A true story about the Fauziya, herself. (If you expect some romance, action, sci-fi mood then go find something else). It was about human suffering and also about heartbreaking story how a woman find justice for herself, objecting her own Tribal law. When I read the book, I couldn't really hold back any emotions. As if, I was with her, experiencing what she's been through. I could feel the hurt, the humiliations, the sadness in her. She migrated illegally from her country, Togo to the US, hoping things will get better. But of course, it turned out to be one of biggest challenge for her. She was mistreated while in jail in the US. Bear in mind that Fauziya is a Muslim woman.

It is, by far one of the best book I've read so far, in my 23 years of life.

New Moon...not so much

i have read the New Moon (2nd installment of Twilight series).
it didn't have really the 'umph' factor.
not so much Edward, too much Jacob.
basically it's more like Bella and Jacob story.
except where Jacob becomes the werewolf was kinda interesting.

will the 2nd movie be interesting, considering the lack of the 'umph' factor in the novel?
i wonder.
have to wait till 2010 for the release of New Moon.

never think

I should never think
What's in your heart
What's in our home
So I won't

You'll learn to hate me
But still call me baby
Oh love
So call me by my name

And save your soul
Save your soul
Before your too far gone
Before nothing can be done

I'll try to decide when
She'll lie in the end
I ain't got no fight in me
In this whole damn world
Tell you to hold off
You choose to hold on
It's the one thing that I've known

Once I put my coat on
I coming out in this all wrong
She standing outside holding me
Saying oh please
I'm in love
I'm in love

Girl save your soul
Go on save your soul
Before your too far gone
And before nothing can be done

Cause without me
You got it all
So hold on
Without me you got it all
So hold on
Without me you got it all
Without me you got it all
So hold on
Without me you got it all
Without me you got it all
So hold on

~ performed by Rob Pattinson on the Twilight soundtrack ~

Saturday, December 13, 2008


the day the earth stood still.
i sat still through out the movie.

why the hell did i watched this movie?!!

i felt wasted. damn it.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

emotional wreck

at times i feel sad.
makes me want to cry.
at times i'm confused.
makes me want to scream out loud.
at times i feel angry.
makes me want to say all the meanest thing.
it's killing me.

can't think straight.
can't feel right.
can't see bright.

something's wrong with me.
don't know what it was.

twilight saga

i just finished reading the Twilight novel (ebook given by Za). i think the novel was much better than the movie kot. to me la tapi. enjoy gilalah baca novel dia. i cannot stop reading it til the end. couldn't really focused on anything else, just the book. makes me dying to read New Moon as soon as possible. but i can bet it will get me stucked just what Twilight did to me. I have to remind myself that I'm working and I need to focus on my work and don't sleep late.

can't really help it though. darn it.
ni semua Edward Cullen punya pasal.

Thanks to Za for getting me caught up in the twilight saga!
It kinda make me becoming lazier each day. ahaks!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

twilight zone

just got back from watching Twilight with my sister.
been dying to watch since the day it was released.
well, i didn't read the novel before.
heard of it, but wasn't that keen to read it.
i remember seeing the cover of the book.
anyway, overall the movie was kinda slow.
i was expecting some fast-pace action terbang-terbang and fight scene.
it did have some but not so much.
not a lot of scenes that makes my jaw drop except for a few like when Edward drove crazily to save Bella (dah macam aksi drifting) and where the Cullens run through the jungle (laju sey).
and also, masa the Cullens were playing baseball.
pergh! that one was superb lah weh!
i feel like Robert Pattinson was born to play Edward Cullen.
You know like some people are born to be something.
contoh macam Daniel Radcliffe really the best to play Harry Potter and Viggo Mortensen was born to play Aragorn...apa aku merepek ni tapi you got the point lah kan.

back to the movie.
it wasn't the best vampire movie for me though.
if you're into that damn hot vampire and a mortal caught in a forbidden love, then this is the movie for you.
the acting was quite good too actually.
apart from Robert and Kristen, the guy who plays James (the tracker vampire) really good too (quite handsome if you asked me.ewah).
i've seen better vampire movies (remember Van Helsing?).
it was just good enough.
but it was worth a watch, i'm not lying.

tapi seriously, i fell in love with Robert in this movie
(aku tau korang mesti cakap dah agak kan).
seriously, he's gorgeous in this.
like his eyes...her killer asset. (cewah!)
can't believe that he was the same person who plays Cedric Diggory in the 4th Harry Potter movie.
that time, i do not really feel like he did much.
i'm torn between two English guys.
Robert Pattinson and Ben Barnes.
Who is Ben Barnes? Go and google it.
overall, i give this movie 3.5 bintang...

* can't wait for the 2nd installment - New Moon

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Senario di pejabat

bukan kumpulan Senario buat pertunjukan di pejabat saya.
cuma suasana sejuk-sejuk lemah gitu di pejabat.
parking senang hari ini.
pejabat agak lengang hari ini.
bunyi bising pun tiada.
meja sebelah aku kosong.
ramai orang cuti.
lagi-lagi geng bas sekolah.
masing-masing bermalasan dirumah.

kegembiraan terbit dari hatiku ini (cewah!)
dah macam dunia ini ana yang punya dah ni.
walaupun sebenarnya aku cemburu.
sob sob!

* entah kenapa aku amat rajin hari ini. sanggup turn down offer orang nak belanja. semata-mata nak siapkan kerja. kalau hari-hari macam inikan bagus. baru aku jadi pekerja produktif. walaweh...

Sunday, December 7, 2008

tsumawi dulu

was watching the re-run of Konsert Akhir AF3 on the weekend.
yeah yeah, i know apa barang tengok AF3.
it just brings back the old memory.
i still remembered clearly during the Tsumawi wave hitting the nation (cewah!)
i was one of the hardcore fan of Mawi.
banyak duit habis afundi mawi sey.
it wasn't just me okay, even id and ummu were 'drowned' in the wave (ewah!).
bila ada member yang kutuk mawi, akan defend gilalah masa tu.
siap join fan club dia kot (can't remember the url now! hehehe...).
when he became the champion and he cried, aku pun ikut sama.
konon nangis, join mawi.
during that, i felt it was worth every cents of the sms i sent.

i looked at him now and i feel pity.
for he was being used to bring more money.
now that he's getting married and all, the promotion was kinda...over the top.
siap boleh sms bagi ucapan and you can answer question.
where if you win, you'll get to be at his wedding.
i wonder, will he read all the messages.
keep in mind, that every sms cost RM1 and there are 5 questions.
hmm, kiranya you have to pay RM5 untuk datang kenduri kahwin.
but itu my opinion je lah.

oh ye, by the way.
selamat hari raya aidiladha people.
this year, oleh sebab my mother is away for the hajj...aku just masak spaghetti.

* spaghetti yang aku rebus ketika post ini ditulis dah kembang sikit.
sebab terlupa aku tengah rebus. asyik tengok tv and buat blog. apalah aku ni...

Friday, December 5, 2008

bring your heart home

that's what i feel today.
i suddenly imagining my father sitting alone at home.
the daughters going out having fun with friends.
bad imagination!
during the absence of my mother, i tried hard to be back home early.
even though my sister is at home.
but she likes to stays inside her room, ym-ing.
i just want to be there for him.
talking about stuff - politics, wrestling, football, his work...anything!
as long as we're talking.
just listening to him would be good enough for me.
sometimes, if i'm not sleepy yet...i'll make sure he sleeps first.

it really breaks my heart to see him sitting alone at the living room.
it brought me to tears just thinking about it.

* i want to leave work early today.
i want to go for grocery shopping this evening.
to cook whatever i can cook for the coming Raya Haji.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

privacy issue

do you understand the meaning of privacy???!
and who the hell gave you the damn permission to use my things???!

aku memang bengang kalau orang sesuka hati saja nak sentuh barang-barang aku bila aku tiada.
aku bengang yang amat sangat.
lagi satu, kalau dah buat tu senyap sajalah.
don't go around screwing things up!!

by the way, i don't care who you are.
you should have some respect for other's privacy!

new rules people!

oh...mungkin aku sukar untuk ber'blogging' lagi selepas ini.
dalam hatiku menjerit...tidak!!!
kenapa kamu tanya?
mestilah sebab kerja, bukan sebab aku nak kahwin ye!
aku dan geng bas sekolah yang lain
telah diberi peraturan baru.
setiap pagi kena jumpa boss, lapor diri untuk tanya
"Apa kerja untuk saya hari ini?"
Bak kata Tok Su, supaya kami lebih produktif, dinamik, proaktif, positif, na na na kita tak perlu gusar...
(tiba-tiba terkeluar lagu fanatik KRU...wahahah! Tok Su cakap sampai produktif je, aku saja tambah perkataan-perkataan lain).
Kami akan diberi masa untuk siapkan kerja.
Contohnya :

Task XYZ
- estimated time to be complete : 1 hour
(jot down waktu mula dan waktu tamat)
Lepas completed the task, proceed dengan Task ABC pula

Begitulah rutin seharian kami.
Berkuatkuasa hari ini.

The question is...sampai bila aku boleh ikut peraturan?
Another thing is...aku ni patuh sangat ke peraturan?

perhatian :
geng bas sekolah dalam post ini merujuk pada semua programmer.
kata ganti diri nama ke-15 ini telah diberikan oleh kak asiah merangkap guru besar dan ketua pengawas. ahaks!

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

friends oh friends

[1] Do you think you're hot?
eh?! mmm...err...erm...i!

[2] Upload a favorite picture of you.

(di mana saya? saya di belakang mas, tepi jasman!)

[3] Why do you like this picture?
because no one really looks at the camera, no one is posing.

[4] When was the last time you ate pizza?
alamak! i think masa ramadhan kot...

[5] The last song you listened to?
Ikenai Taiyou by Orange Range

[6] What are you doing right now besides this?
Doing the endless work...aiyaa!

[7] What name do you prefer besides yours?
ni macam dah jawab dalam previous tag!

[8] People to tag
1. Ummu
2. Fibo
3. Zida
4. Dila
5. Idyani (walaupun dia yang tag aku, aku nak tag dia balik!)

[9] Who is no.1?
My best friend, we've been together since my diploma years until now.
(in the same class since diploma to degree, my former housemate, my officemate)

[10] No.3 is having relationship with?
coursemate, officemate

[11] Say something about no.5
my number one pengaruh rakan sebaya...hahaha!

[12] How about no.4
Cikamku sayang.

[13] Who is no.2?
Another my cikam sayang. The one who I like to drag along with! haha..

Sunday, November 30, 2008

"the" day

Saturday was my convocation day. It was also probably the last time we (me and my friends) met. (Maybe!) We will never see each other again after this. Who knows right? As always, penat sudah tentulah. Dengan orang ramai sampai aku rasa macam bunyi lebah yang berterbangan je. Tak dengar pun butir bicara. Aku di Sidang 12 belah pagi. Angka giliran aku, 450. Ummu selang satu aku. Sebenarnya masa naik pentas nak ambil skrol, kasut aku macam nak tercabut. Sebab kasut tu agak loose sikit on the back, so aku macam jadi Vanidah Imran dalam Perempuan Melayu Terakhir dengan jalan sopan-sopan, slow-slow gitu...nasib baik aku bawa 2 pasang kasut. bolehlah aku tukar lepas turun stage tu. Masa nyanyi lagu UiTM Di Hatiku, aku nyanyi dengan bersemangat sekali. It'll probably the last time aku nyanyi lagu tu. (dalam hati ada rasa sebak sedikit, I've been with UiTM for 5 years! diploma + degree)

The best part was the after party...cewah! Sesi manusia bergambar bagai nak rak sampai tak peduli dengan orang lalu lalang (aku termasuk dalam golongan manusia tulah). Sampai dah tak larat nak ambil gambar, asal jumpa kawan je terus tarik ambil gambar sama sebab nak jumpa balik memang susah lah (ini kisah benar, kalau tak percaya tanya Hadi...hahaha!). Tapi this convocation ni macam tak cukup kuota because not all of us graduated together. Dari geng diploma course kami, there's only 11 of us yang grad together. the rest will be graduating next year. but they still came to see us (which is so wonderful!) towards the end of the ceremony. bila tang nak baling mortar board ke langit (gaya-gaya wajib seorang graduan...cewah!), there's only 4 of us left (eh?!)...aku, albin, ain and ummu. nizam, dol, bob semua hilang entah ke mana. 4 orang pun 4 orang lah, janji baling! hahaha...after i returned the robe and everything, aku pun balik. baju dah basah semua bak sunway lagoon bermandian peluh. Balik rumah aku tidur due to the exhaustion (serius tak tipu, sangat ngantuk!).

Petang tu pula, Fibo datang rumah nak bagi hadiah konvo kat aku (thanks sayang) and at the same time, nak jenguk mak aku before her departure to Makkah. Lepas tu, kawan-kawan mak, the neighbours and a few relatives came to the house. Lepas solat Maghrib, kitorang pun prepare lah nak pergi hantar mak ke Kelana Jaya. Before that, pakcik aku baca doa ramai-ramai kat depan rumah and ada ustaz melaungkan azan (before bertolak). Syahdu rasa dengar ustaz tu azan. Ada 4 kereta yang join. Our's, Abg javed's, Pak long's and Achik's. We arrived at Tabung Haji Kelana Jaya around 8.30pm. Ramainya orang, buat aku terfikir mesti berganda-ganda ramai lagi di Tanah Suci. Hmm...harap-harap mak aku bersabar. When the time comes to said our goodbye, I did not cried. Don't know why. Mungkin masa solat maghrib aku dah nangis masa doa kot, that's why aku tak nangis. Adik aku siap tanya, "kakak tak sedih ke, noor tengok kakak relaks je". Aku tak rasa sedih aku akan berpisah selama sebulan dengan mak, aku lebih kepada risau dari segi keselamatannya. Aku risau kalau mak aku tak larat ke, tak sihat ke, sesat ke...minta dijauhkan segala malapetaka keatas bondaku, amin!

jaga diri baik-baik ye mak...

Friday, November 28, 2008

panjangnya tag ni wahai Id...

wahai Idyani,
sekalipun kau tahu aku suka mencuri tulang.
usahlah kau sengaja men-tag- aku dengan tag yang panjang-panjang.
tapi tak mengapa, aku kan pencuri tulang yang terulung.
akan ku galas tanggungjawab ini!

let the tag begins...

The rules:-Link to your tagger and post these rules. List 8 random facts about yourself and tag 8 people

1. aku, shaidatul ezzan mohamad yusop
2. umur 23 tahun (ye aku tau, aku memang nampak muda)
3. curi tulang adalah hobi terbaru
4. suka berlagak macam ada kerja walaupun masa tu takde kerja
5. camera junkie
6. baru berjinak dengan dunia Japanese (ni semua Id punya pasal! haha..)
7. cepat bosan, cepat suka, cepat terpengaruh, cepat melenting, cepat cool balik...segalanya cepatlah!
8. tidak suka duduk diam, mesti ada je yang aku nak buat (buat bodohlah, buat2 busy la, buat tak tahu la..)

1. zida
2. dila
3. fibo
4. jasman
5. fatin diana
(aku reti mengira sampai 5 je, nak buat macam mana...)


first name:
name you wish you had:
Aisyah Umairah kot. (ni nama aku nak bagi anak aku, jangan sesiapa ambil haa...)
what do people normally name you as:
Ezzan, Shaidatul (kawan sekolah rendah panggil aku ni), Shida (strictly for family...cewah!)
30 Jun 1985 (dah tanya birthday ni, tak reti-reti nak bagi hadiah? hahah..)
kuala lumpur
time of birth:
ala, aku tak ingatlah...mungkin subuh kot, takpun malam.
single or taken:
single and not taken
zodiac sign:

your appearance

how tall are you:
154cm (aku sedar aku rendah :( )
wish you were taller:
ye kot...sama yang taknak tinggi
eye colour:
hazel...cewah! hitamlah..aku bukan ummu yang kaler coklat matanya...
current hair color:! blacklah...
short or long hair:
panjang yang pendek sikit
ever dye your hair a bizarre color:
tak pernah woo...
last time you did something dramatic with you hair:
cut it really short sampai ada orang cakap aku 'abang'...hahhaha!
glasses or contact:
dua-dua tiada. mata aku sihat!
do you were make up:
tengok keadaan kot.
paint your nails:
masa kecil adalah...merah mak ngah lagi tu!

in a opposite gender

what color eye:
brownish...macam kassy :)
what color hair:
hitam kot
shy or outgoing:
outgoing yang ada gak la unsur2 malu. jangan tak malu langsung.
sexy or cute:
sexy and cute
serious or fun:
serious yang fun la...
older or younger than you:
dey, olderlah...mahu avoid yang muda2 ni.
a turn on:
a turn off:

this or that

flowers or chocolates:
chocolates baby!
pepsi or coke:
err...sprite! (eh?!)
rap or rock:
relationship or one night stand: night stand inda!
school or work:
neither one. hahaha!
love or money:
screw you who said money is not as important as love! Baka!
movie or music:
dua-dua aku layan
country or city:
country kot. too much traffic in the city!
sunny or rainy days:
sunny yang windy...hehe!
friends or family:
can't live without both!

have you ever

mestilah..tipulah tak pernah!
stole something:
selalu je. curi tulang kira stole gak kan!
read my lips (or my word), NEVER!
hurt someone close to you:
broke someone's heart:
pernah gak. dah tak suka nak buat macam mana kan.
had you heart broken:
woo...this one too many!
wonder what was wrong with you:
yezza...selalu je!
wish you were prince or princess:
dua-dua tak best. terikat dengan protokol or maybe aku akan jadi spoiled!
no thank you sajalah.
like someone who was taken:
ni selalu sangat...want to hear the list? hehe...
shaved your head:
belum pernah, tapi pernah ada niatlah dulu. (ni sebelum amani botakkan kepala lagi ye!)
used chopstick:
sang in the mirror to yourself:
not sang, but komen pasal diri sendiri kat cermin. (i sang in the shower saja)


white daisy and white roses
m & m
penantian by blackrose (rock lama2 seh!)
fantasy midnight by Britney Spears
ni sangat banyak wo..
jason mraz
junk food:
hmm...kerepek ubi cap Mydin (junk food ke tu ek?)
blog-blog kawan
my bedroom and the beach!


ever cried over someone:
mestilah...especially masa tengah baca novel sedih2...
is there anything you wish you could change about yourself:
of course
do you think you're attractive:
soalan yang menguji konfiden aku ni. next!
if you had to choose a fairytale as your life what would you choose:
sleeping beauty. hahaha!
Do you play any sports:
does typing all the time consider as sports? hahahah..

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

tag lagi...

oleh sebab aku sedang dilanda kebosanan.
aku pun buatlah tag ni, setelah aku ditag oleh Fahmi a.k.a Mimi (officemate).
Ni semua Mimi punya pasal. ahaks!


* 2 names you go by

1. Ezzan
2. Shida (my family call me this)

* 2 things you wearing right now

1. Light orange tudung
2. Orange baju kurung

*2 things you want very badly at the moment

1. Money
2. Holiday

2 things you did last night just before bed
1. reading some novel
2. watching TV

*2 thing you ate today

1. Nasi Kerabu (mak belikan untuk breakfast)
2. Teh Ais (ni makan ke?...tibai je la!)

*2 people you just spoke with

1. Ummu
2. Zida

*2 things you are doing tomorrow

1. Rehearsing for convocation
2. Lepaking with friends (yatta!!)

*2 longest car rides

1. Cheras -> JB -> Melaka -> Cheras
2. Perak -> Kelantan

*2 person who are chose to do this tag
1. Dila
2. Fibo

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

perutusan Aidil Adha

dear friends...

my mother will depart to Mekah to perform Hajj on 29/11 and will be back home in 10/1/09...
(lama tu, tahun depan baru balik..hehe!)
pray for her safe journey, will you....
her departure is on the same day of my convocation day.
some says, pity that your mother cannot be there.
but i don't mind at all.
dari mak aku kena bersesak-sesak nak naik bas nak ke dewan tu, baik dia duduk dirumah.
getting ready to depart kan.
besides, i have my sisters and my dad with me.
and that's more than enough for me.
oh yeah, and of course, i have my dearly friends.
Ki wo tsukete ne, okasan

Jom main tag

1. Put your iTunes, Windows Media Player, etc. on shuffle.
2. For each question, press the next button to get your answer.
3. You must write that song name down NO MATTER HOW silly it sounds.
4. Put any comments in brackets after the song name.
5. Put this on your journal.


1. If someone says, "Is this okay?" ... you say?
- "What's Going On" by Celebrity Tribute

2. How would you describe yourself?
- "Manisnya Senyumanmu" by Elite
(serius yang ni memang betul menggambarkan diriku! wahahahah)

3. What do you like in a girl?
- "Beat It" by Fall Out Boy ft John Mayer

4. How do you feel today?
- "Wind It Up" by Gwen Stefani

5.What is your life's purpose?
- "Belaian Jiwa" by Innuendo

6. What is your motto?
- "Demi Cinta" by Kerispatih

7. What do your friends think of you?
- "Best Friend" by Kiroro (ni tak tipu ek..)

8. What do you think of your parents?
- "Laskar Pelangi" by Nidji

9. What do you think about very often?
-"Cry" by Mandy Moore

10. What is 2 + 2?
-"Come To Me" by P.Diddy ft Nicole PCD

11. What do you think of your best friend?
-"Tell Me" by P.Diddy ft Christina Aguilera

12. What do you think of the person you like?
- "Here In My Heart" by Plus One

13. What is your life story?
- "Last Flight Out" by Plus One

14. What do you want to be when you grow up?
- "Jujur" by Radja

15. What do you think of when you see the person you like?
- "Takkan Melupakanmu" by Radja

16. What will you dance to at your wedding?
- "Tulus" by Radja

17. What will they play at your funeral?
- "Ayu" by VE (hahahahahha...lawakla yang ni!)

18.What is your hobby/interest?
- "Khayalan" by Ruffedge ft VE

19. What is your biggest fear?
- "Saat Bahagia" by Ruffedge ft VE

20. What is your biggest secret?
- "Tiada Lagi Cinta" by Ruffedge ft VE

21. What do you think of your friends?
- "Tipah Tertipu" by Ruffedge, Linda Onn ft Ella

22. What will you post this as?
- "Kenangan Terindah" by Samsons

I want to tag: Idyani, Ummu, Dila, Fibo, Zida and sesiapalah yang nak buat!

ps: mungkin lagu2 dalam playlist saya agak jiwang + lama2 sebab ketika ini saya sedang mengimbau kenangan lalu (harap maklum ye!)

Monday, November 24, 2008


"lama-lama macam ini, sakit jantung aku dibuatnya".
kataku kepada Ummu selepas berlakunya suatu insiden yang hampir buat jantungku berlari jauh (nasib baik sempat kejar).
bukanlah maksudku nak mengelak cuma kadang-kala aku perlu untuk melarikan diri dari keadaan semasa yang kadang-kadang membosankan hidupku.
aku naik rimas.
aku naik lemas.
rasa macam sesak nafas.
bagi aku ruang boleh tak?
jangan risau, tak selamanya aku buat tak endah saja.
boleh tak jangan terjah macam tu saja?
apa? teringin nak jadi nas ahmad kah?
michelle melodi kah?
sedangkan orang pun boleh bengang dengan mereka.
inikan pula yang kamu.
yang hanya sekadar di pinggiran (maksudnya tak faymes la mcm dorg).

japanese maniac

i spent my weekend watching JDramas.
on Saturday, i watched Hana Kimi SP.
after the downloading process finished.
on Sunday, i watched Koizora on the evening.
(tapi tak habis tengok pun because my cousins from JB datang)
then, on Sunday night pula.
spent time watching Celeb to Binbo Taro.
but ended up falling asleep until this morning.

* aku dah gila JDrama! *

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Hachimitsu to Kuroba

I watched Honey and Clover the past weekend.
bought the DVD on saturday for the price RM15.
(saya malas nak download sebab streamyx macam &*#@^)

I've known about this drama in January through Idyani.
(like I said, she's the true japanese addict).
But I haven't been able watching it because of the workload and also the India stuff.
And to download the torrent takes a century. cewah!
That's why I bought the DVD.

I totally love this drama.~drool~
I laughed and cried.
Totally worth a watch.

I also fell in love with Kashiwabara Takashi. (Kassy)
I still love Toma-san for all he's worth.
(He won Best Supporting Actor in Nikkon-something-award)
Kassy, he's not the main character though.
I love how he was so in love with Yamada that he would travel all the way to Tokyo (he was somewhere else) just to console her. aawww...
He was the main actor in Itazura na kiss.

mimpi indah

last night.
i had a dream.
charlize theron and stuart townsend.
coming to my house to help out a kenduri.


Name five of life’s simple pleasures that you like the most, then pick 5 people to do the same. Try to be original and creative and not use things that someone else has already used.

1. beautiful scenery created by God
2. photo of candid actions - it really does speak louder than words.
3. being born as a muslim and malaysian. seriously.
4. surrounded by people i love.
5. silence in a certain moments.

The person who tagged you is ?
Idyani Nazahiah...haha, siap nama penuh aku bagi.

Your relationship with her/him is ?
Mon amie (french word for my friend)

Your five impressions of her/him ?
creative, blur, sepet, japanese addict and very art-sy

The most memorable thing she/he had done for you ?
apa ek Id..tolong jawab soalan ni. hehe.

The most memorable thing she/her had ever said to you ?
"aku sayang ko"...bila kau tanya Id? ada dalam kad raya tahun bila entah.hehe!

If she/he become your lover you will ? and id? we will become a cute couple kan id. wahahaha.
no lah...she's my friend.I am straight.full stop.

If she/he become your lover, a thing she/he has to improve on will be ?
my japanese and creativity. ahaks!
(I fell in love watching JDramas because of her Hana Kimi madness.hehe!)

If she/he become your enemy, you will ?
hmm...try to sort it out, whatever it was.

If she/he become your enemy, the reason will be ?
still, her japanese and creativity.

The most desired thing you want to do for her/him now is ?
bagi markah baik punya for her fyp (if i'm the examiner lah)

Your overall impression of her/him is ?
a creatively blurry person.

How do you think people around you feel about you ?
annoying and irritating at times kot.
adorably funny and loving at times gak kot.
hahahah! ask people around me lor for this question.

The character you love of yourself is ?

On the contrary, the character you hate of yourself is ?
part of ME.

The most ideal person you want to be is ?
a woman who sees the beauty of life when the going gets tough.

To people that care about and likes you, say something.
Thank you is never enough.
(I have a problem expressing what's in my heart...sorry)

Ummu, Dila and Fibo.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

pre-show HYD

can't wait for tomorrow.
I've been dying to catch Hana Yori Dango (HYD) at the cinema.
I have to watch it in Cineplex because TGV KLCC did not show the movie anymore.
( have to drive far one!)

Before this movie was released in Japan, they did a HYD Special in order of the release of the movie. It was shown a day before the release on the television.
I managed to watch it today. (Smile!)

Here's the download link to HYD Special with English subs.
* Part 1
* Part 2

Thursday, November 13, 2008

walk with confidence

Di suatu petang....

"Ezzan, sekali ye Zida punya ni!" kata Zida ketika aku sedang sibuk mengeluarkan duit.
Zida pun menghulurkan RM1.10 untuk barang-barang yang dibelinya.
Ketika ini, aku sedang memegang RM7 di tangan.
Ditambah dengan duit Zida, aku pun letak RM1 balik dalam beg.
(kenapa aku letak balik RM1 duit itu aku pun tidak tahu)

"Semuanya RM7.55, " kata abang cashier di Mydin.
Aku pun bayar (dengan rasa confident) dengan duit yang ada dalam tangan aku, RM7.10 tadi.
Dan aku dengan bangganya sekali berjalan ke Ummu sambil berkata.
"Aku lupa pula bawa kad Mydin aku".

Dan ketika ini, Zida menegurku.
"Eh Ezzan, tadi Ezzan bayar RM7.10 saja ke?"
kata Zida dengan nada hairan sambil berkerut dahinya.
Baru aku teringat.
Aku tidak bayar lagi 50sen.
Kelam kabut aku ke cashier tadi.
Rupa cashier itu macam tak percaya yang aku bayar RM7.10.
Padahal jumlah kesemuanya RM7.55.
Tapi dia tidak pula memanggilku, cakap tak cukup.

"Aku yang tak reti kira ke, minah tu yang tak faham apa aku cakap tadi?".
Mungkin itulah monolog si cashier Mydin itu.
Ketika aku berjalan pergi dengan confidentnya.

Moral of the story :
Perjalanan pulang kami ke pejabat diiringi dengan gelak ketawa.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

seronok kan?

pagi tadi saya ada meeting.
saya enjoy.
serius. tak tipu!

'Pure Pic' tag

aku ditagged oleh idyani.
this is called 'Pure Pic' :

1) Tangkap gambar sendiri sekarang ini. Aku kata sekarang, sekarang la.
2) Jangan sesekali nak pergi tukar baju la, sikat rambut la, pakai mekap la, apa ke...tangkap je gambar sendiri tu. (kalau dah comot tu, comot la)
3) Post lah gambar yang korang dah tangkap tu. TANPA edit-edit ye kawan-kawan. HARAP MAKLUM (toksah la nak duk cover! hahaha)
4) Post dengan instructions yang aku bagi ni sekali.
5) Tag 10 orang:
- Dila
- Fibo
- Ummu
- Zida
- Jasman
- Fahmi
- Emmy
- Ady
- Mar
- Zahari
ps: sumpah gambar ni tak diedit.
tu yang lagi cun tu. ahaks!!
di office.tengah kerja masa ini.

[harap maklum, instruction ini telah diubahsuai kepada Bahasa Melayu. sesiapa tak faham, sila ke blog Idyani untuk versi English]

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

perginya, sebuah kedatangan

my pakcik (suami kepada saudara mak aku..pakcik kan?) passed away on Sunday, 9 Nov. it was a bit shocked to my mother (and me as well) because we just saw him a week before. he was there during my kenduri tahlil (on Nov 1st). but my dad did notice something different about him. my dad told me he was a bit quieter (ada ke word ni?) than before. and he doesn't remember his friend, who are my neighbour. my dad felt weird that he couldn't remember his own friend who was quite close to him. every now and then, when he came to my house he would chat and talked to this neighbour. but he couldn't remember that day. never really crossed our mind that was one of the 'sign'.

he passed away in the afternoon, if i'm not mistaken. his daughter in-law who was 9 months pregnant (tengah tunggu hari je) was really devastated.
and guess what.
that very same day.(night actually)
she gave birth to a beautiful baby girl.
she was born on the day her grandfather left.

i told my father.
"Pak Hassan pergi, cucunya pun datang".

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Ian Flemming's 007

the name is Bond.
James Bond.

went to watch Quantum of Solace today.
with my sisters and fibo.
we arrived at the cinema at 6.05pm.
but we bought the 6.00pm show.
camne tu? ahaks!
luckily the movie doesn't start yet!
baru show movie trailer.

have to agree with jasman about the action.
it was totally superb.
Gary Powell as the stunt coordinator.
congrats to him!
(aku siap ingat siapa yang in-charge of the action! hahah)
Daniel Craig never dissapoint me.
the piercing blue eyes just struck me. cewah!
he is (i think!) the toughest James Bond ever.
he seems invincible. darn sexy, babe!

and i think.
compared to Pierce Brosnan as 007 in the previous Bond movies (before Casino Royale).
which involves the hi-tech gadgets and the ladies.
this one involves more actions.
just give me Craig fighting his ass off (with his hot body, of course!)
i can totally ignore the Bond girl.

i'll be buying the DVD, once it comes out.
finger cross!

Friday, November 7, 2008

marah lagi mak!

sudah 3 hari.
telefon di rumahku rosak.
ingatkan disambar petir ke.
telekom potong sebab aku suka call diorang pasal streamyx problem ke.
ku sangkakan udang, rupanya sotong.
(peribahasa dicipta oleh aku. tak sedap didengar? ada aku kesah...ahaks!)
ada malaun bangang.
pergi switch telefon nombor aku dengan jiran sebelah.
dan jiran sebelah pun sedap je lah guna.
apa lagi.
mengamuklah mak aku.
(kalau mak aku mengamuk, sila selamatkan diri anda...haha!)

"takkan your technical people bodoh sangat sampai nak switch kan line! i don't care, by hook or by crook petang ni you fix sampai elok."

sekarang ni aku join emo dengan mak aku.
geramnya aku........
tahap cipan dah aku geram.

ps: now you know where I got my ' angin' from. thanks ma!

pesanan buat diriku

apa kena dengan aku ni.
sekarang kan dah heboh pasal benda ini.
aku cuma suka.
tidak lebih dari itu.

jangan ikut perasaan sangat.
ingat tu!

Thursday, November 6, 2008

curi tulang

di taman warisan pertanian, putrajaya.
sekumpulan manusia telah berkumpul.
mereka telah sesat dalam mencari makanan.
sebab itulah mereka curi tulang.
semasa waktu pejabat.
siap kena tegur.
bukan kerna masuk lambat.
tapi abang roti john tu menegur.
'jangan letak tangan atas roti. nanti roti nangis'
dengan nada yang poyo.
aku macam biasa. akan menjawab.
'saya tak letak pun!
nampak tangan saya yang terawang-awangan ni'

inilah pencuri-pencuri tulang tersebut.
lepas lunch, singgah beli roti john pula.
denda mereka, boss!!

ps: sudah-sudahlah tu zida, jangan sensitif. abang tu yg poyo sebenarnya!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

favourite dialogue this week

Abby: Kenapa abang asyik macam ini sekali? Abang asyik cerita Memey itu, Memey ini?

Norman: Saya cerita dari sudut kemanusiaan.

Abby: Habis saya ni apa? Saya isteri awak tau!

Norman: Dia ada mak bapak.

Abby: Saya tak ada mak bapak?Apa lebihnya dia dari saya? Buruk sangat ke saya ni? Ceraikan saya, kat sini pun tak apalah.

Norman: Selama ini pun saya jumpa mak dan ayah tentang masalah ini. Maaf ya, abang kena cakap benda ni (Norman berpaling kepada Abby yang semakin kuat menangis). Abang kena cakap, maaf ya....... (bagaimana pun Norman tidak dapat meneruskan kata-kata dan membiarkan apa yang mahu diluahkan hanya berlegar dalam fikirannya).

Abby: Tipu! dahlah selama ini susah sangat nak bawa berbincang. (Abby kemudian sekali lagi ditenangkan wartawan tetapi menolak dan sambil menahan tangisan berkata semula) Saya tak nak. Saya susah nak jumpa dia. Langsung dia sudah tak nampak saya dalam hati dia. Asyik nak bercakap pasal perempuan tu sahaja!

(Norman juga dinasihati oleh wartawan supaya beredar untuk tidak mengeruhkan lagi keadaan. Abby ditenangkan oleh Datuk Yusof Haslam yang hadir mengejut di lokasi setelah dimaklumkan mengenai insiden berkenaan.)

ps: aku menitiskan air mata gak.

Monday, November 3, 2008

kick-off meeting

sepanjang hari aku di ukm, bangi.
ada meeting ala-ala workshop.
sebab tidak duduk office.
macam-macam aktiviti ada.
ada juga some briefing by the team leader.
and also talks.

macam biasa.
masa talk aku jotted down some notes.

mula-mula semangat salin nota penting:

lepas tu, bosan mula menguasai diri:

we celebrated my boss' birthday, En Misdan.
a cake from Secret Recipe dibeli oleh Kak Asiah.
lama gila tidak makan kek SR.

~ 3 ekor monyet yg bergayut! ~

Sunday, November 2, 2008

high school: senior year

saturday was amazing.
met up with my high school friends.
the only time we met was probably when one of us were having some event.
like open house or kenduri.
so many things we talked about.
life, studies and love.
and (of course!) gossip.
can't live without it right, girls?!
we laughed so much.
catching up.
is definitely fun!
can't make it: anod, katod, wana.dila

kumpulan feminin versi alim. ahaks!

kumpulan elite (pulak!) versi bertudung. hakhak!

yellow fever

i suddenly fall for yellow.
really bright.
went to Eco Film Fest near Bank Negara today.
with my darling, fibo!
ended up buying a big yellow bag.

loving the yellow hummer, we met on the way back.

buying a yellow flat shoe to match up with the bag in Jusco.

i'm currently having a fever.
a yellow fever that is.

Friday, October 31, 2008

penutup Syawal

di office ada jamuan.
oleh sebab bengkel ditunda dan tak sempat nak cancel.
jadi catering tu dipindahkan di office.

aku dan zida pula bawa bekal.
masing-masing bawa lauk extra.
aku dengan sayur campur dan sambal tumis ikan bilis.
zida dengan kubis masak lemak dan sambal sotong.
fazira pula bawa ayam goreng kunyit.
(fahmi bawa perutnya sahaja. ahaks!)
ditambah dengan lauk catering itu lagi.
ayam paprik, sotong masak lemak, ikan goreng, ulam dan sambal belacan.
tak ketinggalan, tembikai dan epal.
kami siap bentang suratkkhabar.
makan kat atas lantai.

maka terjadilah majlis penutup bulan Syawal.
yang tidak dirancang sama sekali.

ps : patutlah pagi tadi aku macam malas nak masak nasi! aiyaa..
hmm, ada lauk lebih ni...pas kat megat la. suruh dia habiskan.
confirm, kenyang sampai malam. ahaks!

Thursday, October 30, 2008

mak, kakak nak bawa bekal tau!

scene 1: sekolah rendah
aku: mak, nanti bawa bekal je lah pergi sekolah.
kawan-kawan semua bawa bekal je.
mak: ni, ambil bekal ni.
aku: baik!

(masa ini, aku seorang yang baik)

scene 2: sekolah menengah
mak: ambil ni! (duit dihulurkan)
aku: bekal takde, mak?
mak: tak sempat mak nak masak.
(mak aku wanita bekerjaya, harap maklum)
aku: tak cukup ni mak, duit tambang bas lagi.
mak: dulu mak pergi sekolah bawa duit 50sen saja cukup.
aku: zaman dah berubah, dunia dah maju...
(ayat ni belum wujud lagi masa tu pun, saja tambah)

(masa ini, aku masih lagi anak yang baik malah telah berdikari, naik bas intrakota tau masa balik sekolah!)

scene 3: alam pekerjaan
(bunyi kelentang kelentung di dapur kat rumah. tanda aku sedang memasak)

aku: orang nak bawa bekal ni pergi kerja, mak.
office mates ada yang bawa bekal. ummu pun bawa.
mak: bawalah, mak dah puas dah sediakan bekal untuk shida dulu. bawa lauk apa?
(shida adalah nama timanganku)

aku: adalah...(nada berahsia)
mak memandangku dengan muka menghairankan sambil tersengih.

(di pejabat)
bau semerbak daripada lauk yang dibawa oleh aku, ummu dan zida.

ummu bawa sambal telur + kacang panjang goreng telur.
zida bawa kari ayam + sayur cendawan.

sardin + hot dog goreng sambal.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

10 (or 5) things...TAG!

oleh sebab aku tengah bosan dan mengantuk di office ni, aku pun buat lah tagged ni.

My Top 10 Most Favorite Food.
1) Masakan emak la...paling suka Sambal Tumis pedas!
2) French Fries McD.
3) Umai Sarawak (Kak Syafikah buat...sedap!)
4) Asam Laksa di Jusco, Mid Valley.
5) Sambal Goreng yang dimasak oleh Nyah Siti.
6) Kuah Kacang (craved for this always)
7) Spaghetti.
8) Croissant dalam flight MAS (hahah!)
9) Cheese Cake.
10) Chola Bathora di India...(ye ke aku suka? wahahah!)

10 Things I love To Do.
1) Blogging. I'm an addict!
2) Curi tulang...hobi yang paling aktif sekarang ni. hahah!
3) Kaki download...(current: Grey's Anatomy & Private Practice latest seasons)
4) Shopping. Kalau ada duitlah.
5) Pandu kereta laju-laju masa balik dari office...(masa pergi office bawa perlahan je..hehe)
6) Photography. Suka snap, browse beautiful pictures.
7) Membaca...(aku boleh habiskan RM100 untuk beli 5 novel dalam sehari)
8) Try kasut kat kedai walau masa tu tiada duit nak beli. hahahah!
9) Music. dengar apa-apa genre asal tidak membingitkan telinga.
10) Tidur la kawan. dah penat buat semua di atas, apa lagikan. Rehatlah pula.

5 Things I Love To Do When I'm EMO.
1) Doa.
2) Diamkan diri.
3) Tidur (lagi!)
4) Write on my blog.
5) Menangis jugalah kadang-kadang.

5 Types of Guys I Adore.
1) Kelakar. tapi tidak gila.
2) Tenang. tidak kelam kabut macam aku.
3) Tidak merokok kerana aku tidak mahu jadi janda awal. hahaha!
(dia kata adore je la, bukan guys you want to marry)
4) Mestilah ada akal. Tak reti bergaya takpe, asalkan bijak!
5) yang sentiasa mengingati Allah. aku ni memang mudah tertarik dengan orang yang alim.
(aku bukanlah alim pun)

5 Things I Love To Do When I'm HAPPY.
1) Nyanyilah kot. sebab tahu suara aku memang sedap.
2) Senyumlah, senyumlah...ahai, cik mek molek! (tengok aku dah nyanyi)
3) Berkongsi dengan kawan. (berborak la tu maknanya)
4) Akan layan orang yang mengjengkelkan aku selama ini dengan baik. sebab happy kan.
5) Buat kerja rumah. selama ni kena suruh je, mulalah malas. tapi kalau aku tengah happy, bila disuruh tu, cepat je buat.

5 Things I Wish To Happen.
1) Give peace a chance. (macamlah aku ni miss universe nak cakap macam tu kan...hahaha!)
2) Dapat duit banyak tanpa perlu penat bekerja.
3) Kebahagiaan, kejayaan dan keselamatan didunia dan diakhirat.
4) Rumah aku ada berderet kereta Porche, BMW dan Merz. (ni kalau betul-betul berlaku ni, kena sewa satu taman nak park kereta je...hahah!)
5) Eveything is free. tol free, minyak free, api free, air free, internet free...(amboiii! macam tidak logik kan, mada ada benda free sekarang)

5 People I Want to Tag
1) Dila
2) Fibo
3) Emmy
4) Ayu
5) sesiapalah yang terasa nak buat tag ni.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

kenapa dengan kau, makcik?!

“Dan fitnah itu lebih dahsyat dari membunuh”
(Surah al-Baqarah: 191)

aku ingat hanya dapat ku tonton di kaca televisyen.
dalam drama-drama baik drama melayu mahupun telenovela mexico.
takpun, dalam berita-berita politik.
tidak kisah lah dimana pun, Malaysia mahupun di Amerika sendiri.
tidak kusangka akan berlaku pada diriku sendiri.
lebih tepat lagi, pada keluargaku.

sanggup mereka mengotorkan mulut mereka dengan kata-kata dusta. menyebarkan api penipuan dikalangan jiran. tidak takutkah mereka dengan azab Allah? aku hanya tahu tentang ini, itupun setelah 2 tahun mak aku simpankan perkara ini. mengenai ayahku difitnah oleh jiran. yang berbangsa MELAYU dan beragama ISLAM. aku benci mendengar fitnah tersebut. lebih tepat lagi, aku tidak akan maafkan keceluparan mulut makcik R. mengata ayah ku yang bukan-bukan. aku tahu siapa ayah aku sebenarnya. lagi-lagi benda yang dituduh itu langsung ayah aku tidak reti buat pun. menuduh ayah aku melaporkan pada pihak berkuasa mengenai wiring rumah depan. yang dikatakan tidak betul.

bodoh! sungguh bodoh aku rasa!
ayah aku tidak ada masa nak layan benda remeh macam itu. ayah aku pun bukannya kerja TNB nak tahu betul ke tidak wiring itu. ingat ayah aku kisah. bukannya kacau rumah aku.
lainlah kau yang selalu buang sampah tepi rumah aku. itu tentu ayah aku naik angin. dia penat-penat bersihkan, kemaskan dari semak samun. kau dengan selamba badak buang sampah disitu.

hilang hormat aku pada kau, makcik.
sekali kau sentuh keluargaku, aku akan ingat sampai bila-bila.

i don't think it's funny

manusia. tidak kira dimana.
baik pada zaman sekolah, zaman universiti dan di alam pekerjaan.
suka memandang rendah pada manusia yang lain.
sikap tidak puas hati tidak pernah padam dari hati manusia.
sama jugalah yang suka mempersendakan keadaan fizikal seseorang itu.
kenapa mereka perlu berlawak dengan cara menyakitkan hati?

sama juga ada sesetengah pelawak Malaysia yang saya rasa tidak lawak langsung bila berlawak mengenai fizikal orang lain. saya tengok mereka dengan perasaan yang jengkel sekali. bagi saya sempitnya pemikiran mereka. mentaliti orang Malaysia masih ditakuk lama. lawak perlu ada batasan. tidak semua lawak boleh diterima. pasti orang yang mendengar akan terasa even if mereka kata tidak kisah. put yourself in their shoes, how do you think you will feel? setiap hari mereka di'lawak'kan, and you think it doesn't hurt? you are pathetic, you know? sekalipun hendak melawak, tapi jangan sampai merendahkan martabat orang lain. Allah tidak menjadikan manusia berbagai rupa supaya mereka boleh dihina dan dicerca.

kasihan pada 'pak lawak' tersebut, kerana suatu hari nanti mereka pula akan terasa sakitnya hati apabila mereka dijadikan bahan melawak. yang pelik tu kadang-kadang, mereka adalah seorang dewasa. dewasa pada nama sahaja barangkali. tapi akal letak di lutut. mereka seharusnya menjadi contoh pada anak-anak mereka. ini tidak, sama sahaja dengan kanak-kanak. kasihan kanak-kanak, disogokkan dengan lawak bodoh. kanak-kanak seharusnya tidak diajar untuk memanggil nama-nama yang menjatuhkan air muka orang lain. sekalipun merasakan orang lain tidak cerah, tidak kurus, tidak cantik, tidak jantan berbanding dengan diri mereka, tidak perlu menyakitkan hati orang lain dengan kata-kata yang 'enak' itu. manusia yang suka berlawak dengan mengenakan orang lain, pernah cerminkan diri mereka sendirikah? pernah guna akal sebelum bercakap? mereka ini adalah salah satu penyebab low self-esteem. selalu orang cakap 'sensitif sangat la you ni', 'you tak sporting la' (dan sebagainya) tapi fikirlah sampai bila nak jadi tak sensitif? ada ke orang sporting memanjang? sikit pun tak terasa hati? tidak ada bukan.

tidak salah untuk melawak cuma apabila lawak tersebut sampai menyakitkan hati dan menjatuhkan air muka orang lain, lawakkah lagi namanya? mungkin fitrah manusia, suka yang lihat yang cantik-cantik sahaja.
buat apa cantik tapi kosong didalam?
buat apa cantik tapi tidak ada akal?
buat apa cantik tapi akhlak jauh terpesong?

Friday, October 24, 2008

i'm workaholic...NOT!

banyak kerja minggu ini.
badan sakit-sakit.
setiap hari balik malam.
ada hari-hari yang balik pagi.
siap terkunci dalam office.
sometimes i feel like i deserve a raise. (cewah)
because not just i stay up late.
but also i did not get any sleep at all.

i had promised myself (hope can keep it!) not to let me drown in the workload. i want to avoid becoming a workaholic! no matter how busy i am, no one can touch my weekend. weekend is for me to get away from work. that's why i don't mind staying up late just to finish up some tasks but to come to work on weekend? HELL NO...i have a life okay. and it does not just involve work 24/7.

Monday, October 20, 2008

a weekend that was

Saturday, 18/9/2008

scene 1: di rumahku
jamuan makan raya together with birthday celebration for Octoberians.
menunya lontong dengan sambal tumis ikan bilis, spaghetti goreng dan birthday cake berperisa keladi which surprisingly a hit among my friends (aku seorang je yang tak suka keladi...haha!).
tetamu - ummu dan keluarga, areen, haida, jasman, albin, azrul, ika, ain, kak zu, abg nizam, linda, malik.

scene 2: dirumah pakcikku
open house yang extreme sebab terlalu banyak makanan. juling mata tengok. haha!
menunya...soto, lemang, rendang, nasi himpit, mihun sup, yong tau foo, mihun goreng singapore, caramel dan buah langsat.

scene 3: di rumah sewa haris
bbq dan potluck. reunion kecilan bersama warga Infy. pesta main mercun dan bunga api. huhu!
menunya...erm, jagung bakar, ayam bbq, mihun goreng, spaghetti bolognaise, spaghetti goreng, sandwhich, kek (macam-macam la sampai tak ingat dah).
tetamu - azim & pasangan, helmy & pasangan, mar, dian, shima, aku, haris, izwan, anim, jun, syu, ninie, john & diya.

Sunday, 19/9/2008

scene 1: di rumahku (lagi)
breakfast bersama dila dan izat. wana tak dapat hadir (as usual..huhu!). konon plan nak masak nasi lemak untuk breakfast. tapi bila dah ada orang yang menderma makanan-makanan malam semalam...panaskan aje sudah! haha..
menunya...spaghetti goreng, soto, lemang dan rendang.

scene 2: di rumah izat
dijamu dengan kuih raya. masuk-masuk rumah dia, terus aku buat macam rumah sendiri sebab parents dia keluar. aku sambar 5 novel dari izat. dialah yang bersalah kerana mempengaruhiku menyukai novel-novel ni..haha! aku sempat mempraktiskan jari-jariku bermain piano. (macamlah terer!). sesi bergambar bermula. click!

scene 3: dirumah dila
dijamu dengan mee goreng dengan lemang dan rendang. (cam menu rumah aku je ni...hehe!)
aku teguk ubat batuk kat sana. terus high! haha...tengok gambar lama-lama masa sekolah dulu. terjumpa gambar ku yang aku rasa amat comel. i like! hehe..terima kasih kat dila sebab bagi aku hadiah harijadi yang lambat 4 bulan. ahaks!