Tuesday, September 30, 2008

sadness on raya eve

i'll probably spend my first week of raya in a hospital.
my grandma got admitted in HUKM a few days ago.
she fell down and broke her leg.
she was supposed to undergo operation yesterday.
but it was postponed to today because she was having low blood pressure.
however, the doctor said that she was too weak to undergo an operation.
her body refuses the treatment that the hospital gave her.
it seem that the doctor will treat her without operation.
an alternative beside the operations.
but it kinda took longer time to heal.
and there's always risk.

today, i visited her in the hospital.
and i cried.
i cried when i see her conditions.
it was just so sad.
i haven't cried that hard since the other day i remembered my other arwah nenek.
syukur, nenek still remembers me.
that's a relief.
i avoid speaking to any of my relatives for a while.
i can't really speak.
there are no words left to speak.

i really hope that she will get better.
i prayed for her to be better than ever.
i just lost one grandma 2 years ago.
i am not prepared to lost another one.
yeah, i know.
no one can predict when one is dying.
but truly, not right now.
please...just not right now.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

ucapan aidilfitri

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

lu pekak ke ape?

PS: Mind the language in this post.
This post was written when I was really pissed off like hell this evening.

lu dah tau wa nak kuar.
yang lu pergi block kereta wa pehal.
lu macam tak nampak wa jalan ke kereta wa.
waktu nak buka puasa memang silap la lu wat wa angin satu badan.
wa hon, punya hon.
lu boleh sedap duduk dalam kereta.
adalah gak 10x wa hon.
pekak ke apa lu ni?
wa macam rasa lu pekak gila.
orang tepi jalan dah pandang-pandang wa.
sebab hon tapi takde respons.
bikin wa panas la.
rasa macam nak langgar je kereta lu tu.
ade wa kesah?
janji hati wa puas.
geram sesangat.

nasib baik bulan puasa.
wa dah kira baik dah tak bagi middle finger kat lu.
wa bagi je jelingan maut tahap dewa kat lu.
dan lu boleh keluar dari kereta lu.
terkejut tengok kereta wa nak kuar.
gampang namanya tu.

it could be worst tau.
kalau la masa tu wa ikut emosi.
tentu wa dah turunkan tingkap.
sambil sumpah seranah *#&%$!* kat lu.
masa tu wa tak kesah la lu hansem ke, lu putih melepak ke.
janji biar kita dua sakit hati.
lu sakitkan hati wa.
biar wa sakitkan hati lu dengan maki hamun wa.
sekalipun lu nak cepat kuar duit.
pikirlah pasal orang lain gak.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

shopping spree

Today, my family and I did what we do best...SHOPPING!!!
We shopped at KLCC (sebab my mom ada vouchers ISETAN okay, not because I'm rich or what!)

For me alone:
Liz Claiborne Handbag - RM200
Britney Spears's 50ml Fantasy Midnight Perfume - RM184
Dorothy Perkins 2 Jeans - RM182
Twins Shoe - RM70

For my dad:
Polo Black Perfume Set - RM270
Bonia T-Shirt - RM140

For my second sister, Eqah:
Britney Spears's 50ml Fantasy Midnight Perfume - RM184
(she wasn't there, tu yang dia dapat 1 item je...hahaha!)

For my sister, Meera:
Britney Spears's 50ml Fantasy Perfume - RM184
Shirt - RM60
shoelover Shoe - RM99

For my mom:
2 shoes - RM140
2 Liz Claiborne handbags - RM250
F by Ferragamo Perfume - RM200
H Bedsheet - RM100

Spending my mom's money sesuka hati - Priceless!

what a week!

Friday, 19th September 2008
That evening, the ladies in OAS (cewah!) had our shopping spree in Mydin (jalan kaki je dari office) for tonight's events.
We bought sejadah, stationaries and some food for the kids.
OASians (reka je nama tu) had our buka puasa near our Director's house in Bandar Tun Hussein Onn, Cheras.
In community hall to be exact.
Together with 26 anak yatim from nearby area.
My first time ever spending with orphans during Ramadhan.
I was happy to be there.
We did the 8 rakaat solat terawih there too.
Berpeluh masing-masing kat dewan tu.
Sedikit tazkirah after that.
Then, upacara menberi sumbangan pada anak-anak yatim.
And of course, I was part-time cameraman (or woman) during the event.
They look quite happy and pleased with the gift received.
Ada yang dapat baju raya (this one was gave by another group)

Saturday, 20th September 2008
Me and ummu has signed up to be apart of the event.
We drove to Senaling, Negeri Sembilan to be involved in Ramadhan bersama fakir miskin dan anak yatim.
We (kereta Encik Misdan, En Rahishan and me) gathered in Giant, Senawang before meeting up with Encik Zahar.
Had our Zohor prayer in Masjid Yam Tuan Raden in Senaling.
This event was also a cooperation with PAS Dun Senaling (think about the ibadat rather than the politic okay!)
Then, we were divided into three groups as there were three areas to be covered.
Average of 15 houses in each area.
We followed En Rudy and Megat (OASians) to give some sumbangan (hamper, beras and duit) in area Senaling.
We went from house to house dropping the gift.
For a while, I did felt a bit of in a Bersamamu TV programme.
I can't bear seeing the elder living alone.
It reminds me of my arwah nenek.
There was one particular house that we visit.
Which really touched me deep inside.
The gradma was living alone in a part of a house.
The house was burnt down years ago.
The only piece that were saved was the kitchen.
The kitchen basically the size of my small kitchen.
That is where she sleeps, she eats, she baths...everything there!
Basically, the bed, the washing machine, the fridge, the sink was all in a same room.
It almost brought me to tears.
I wanted to give more money to her.
Unfortunately I don't bring cash at the time.
I am a very sensitive person.
That's the main reason why I avoid watching Bersamamu.
To be apart of two amazing events was quite extraordinary experiences.


got tagged by Fatin Diana.
here's the answer for it.

State 15 weird things/ habits/ little known facts about yourself :

1) get bored easily, tak kisahlah dengan sesiapa or apa pun!

2) will usually end up buying something even though plan nak window shopping je.

3) rimas dengan orang yang tak habis-habis nak tanya every 5 minutes.

4) tak pernah beli handbag dengan duit sendiri. it's either using my mom's or my sister's bag!

5) must have vegetables dalam dishes hari-hari. (wa tak boleh kalau tiada sayur)

6) addicted to spicy food. kalau tak pedas, rasa tak kick la!

7) tak berapa suka chocolate cake. prefer cheese cake!

8) i'm a reckless driver.

9) pemalas is my middle name.

10) i am no conversation starter. (pemalu bangat!)

11) suka berjalan, tak suka duduk terperap kat rumah.

12) my ambitions changes all the time. sekejap nak jadi lecturer, sekejap nak jadi housewife...hahah!

13) tak suka dipaksa and di tengking-tengking (wa boleh mengamuk ooo)

14) i wish to drive a Ferrari but not owning it! (sebab tau tak mampu...hahaha)

15) my wish is to relax all the time (tak suka dengan ke-tension-an)

The 10 people I tag are to then to follow my footsteps and write their own 15 weird things/ habits/ little known facts :

sesiapa yang dah takde kerja macam saya ni, silalah isi masa lapang anda dengan tag ini ye...

Friday, September 19, 2008

blackout (pinjam title idyani)

no, it was not the same as idyani's post.
even though the title post was the same.
but i really mean blackout.
totally black.
wait...did i hear something??
like something crunchy?
oooh, well that just my cat, Lulu eating on her food.
i hear someone chewing on food.
ooh ok, that was me having my buka puasa in the dark.
due the black out.
darn it!

this is my first time having candle light dinner with my loved ones yesterday.
or should i say 'candle light break-fasting'.
that would be more precise.
it came as a surprise though.
thanks to TNB for the help they gave us.
couldn't done it without them.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

berbuka di Mines Resort

Buka puasa di Mines?
Asal buka di hotel saja, saya gumbira!

It was a last minute decision actually.
Wasn't planning to go pun.
But then fahmi said there 4 empty seat left.
Then, we decided to go lah. (fahmi, kak effa, zida and me)
Joined ummu and ayu there.
They were having workshop over there.
Kami jemputan yang datang hanya untuk makan.
Memeriahkan majlis bak kata orang.
Lagipun, the company paid for it maa...
Kami ni tidak mahu ikut perangai syaitan.
Yang suka membazir.
Tu yang kami pergi je...
We basically saved the day!

The food was good...NOT!
Hotel Istana is way much better.
And I really mean much much better!
The place was small.
Orang bersesak-sesak nak ambil makanan.
But thumbs up to the view.
It was breathtaking.
Near the lake with beaches (man-made by the way)

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

the adventures of sinbad

I was bored last night.
So I surfed, just to get the mood to sleep.
I searched in YouTube for any interesting to watch.
I came across a story.
A story I once watched while in high school. (Form 2 if I'm not mistaken-or was it Form 3?)
It's been ages since I watched 'The Adventures of Sinbad'
I used to go ga-ga over this series.
The hero was drop dead gorgeous (masa tu la kan)
Me and my friend, Wana was sooo crazy about him.
Now, I'm watching it on YouTube.
But there weren't many episodes uploaded.

Geez, it really brings back the memories.
The high school years.
The sillyness, stupidity really makes me laugh!

Sunday, September 14, 2008

berbuka di Hotel Istana

today makan tak ingat dunia.
berbuka di hotel.
camtu la jadinya.
makanan selambak.
macam-macam jenis.
sampai dah tak terasa dah semua yang dihidang.
they should allow tapau la hotel-hotel ni.
takdelah membazir kan?
hehehe :)

melantak seafood habis-habisan.
geram tengok sotong dan udang dibakar.
aku dan adikku adalah penyelamat dunia.
kami memang tak suka membazir.
that's why la sotong, udang dan ketam selalu je habis cepat.
kambing pun makan gak cuma takdelah banyak sangat.
mak aku yang gemar kambing ni.

aku tak sentuh nasi pun masa buka tadi.
bukan diet.
cuma kalau makan nasi, mesti tak dapat makan yang lain.
nasi mengenyangkan.
lagipun, nasi selalu makan.
kenalah makan makanan yang tidak selalu makan.
tadi, sangat suka sotong bbq dan udang tempura.
as well as kepah yang jarang dapat dimakan.
memang sedap hari ini makan.
berbuka di hotel, mana tak sedap kan?

10 org makan, RM100++ satu kepala.
total RM1000+++ ???
nasib baik orang belanja.
kalau tidak, takdelah kami nak merasa.
terima kasih pada yang sudi membelanja kami
(kawan mak aku yang belanja)

.lemang dan rendang rusa . nasi tomato & ikan apetah.

.salad buah & sayur . dim sum.

.aneka cucur . daging kambing.

PS: masih lagi kekenyangan ketika post ini ditulis.

Friday, September 12, 2008


I used to like when hearing or seeing children who gave money to their parents.
especially who's living back home di kampung.


with my first salary, I've managed to give some money to my parents.
rasa macam grown up sikit.
after all the money they spent on me.
it is time for the other way around.
I will give them monthly expenses (it's not much, but it's the thought that matters right?)
tanggungjawab. anak kepada ibubapanya.
feel proud of it.
nothing beats the feeling.

x 4


.: Friends :.
No man is an island.

It's been a while since I last seen my computer scientist friends.
It's about 4 months.
Last time I've seen them was on 16th of May (the day I departed to India).

I was having a meeting with client at 2pm.
Right after meeting, I went back to the office. (2 hours later)
Borak for a while, solat asar semua.
Then whooshh! Cabut.

I had a blast today.
Happier than I ever been. Laugh a lot.
Play and talked a lot.
Lama tak datang Shah Alam.
On my way back, I even feel 'lama dah tak lalu federal'.
I did not mind being out late.
I do mind if it was a job though.
We talked and talked as if it was never end.

Dahlah esok kerja. Sob!
Bila sampai rumah, I wasn't feel sleepy at all.

Here's the chronology of the evening.
5.30 : cabut dari office to avoid getting trap in a traffic jam.
6.00: stuck in traffic. shit! thank God it's not really a bad one though.
6.30: arrived in Shah Alam.
Straight away find the nearest Secret Recipe to buy a birthday cake.
7.00: went to Albin's house to drop my laptop.
7.15: mari berbuka. aku dan ummu berbuka di bazar. hehe!
(beli air dan kuih saja pun)
solat maghrib. Allahuakbar!
8.00: went to pick up friends from college and their house.
8.30: friends late! agak geram..huhu!
8.45: pergi ke Muay Thai di Padang Jawa. Tutup plak.
Second time shit!
9.00: after gathering, then we went to Ole-Ole in Section 18 to eat at Pak Li's Kopitiam.

9.30: celebrate Jasman's and Ain's birthday (belated actually) as well as chit chatting.
10.00: still talking! :)
10.30: still...we didn't seem to stop talking and laughing.
11.00: send my friends back to their hostel and house.
11.10: stopped by at Albin's house to pick up my laptop.
(He wasn't there! - Nasib baik member dia ada)
12.00: I arrived safely in my home sweet home.

thanks to those who attended event yang tak seberapa nih :
ummu, albin, jasman, azrul, ain, areen, haida, ecah, ika, hanis and kak zu (ni saja yang dapat kami kumpulkan)

PS: the writing on the cake says "Happy 30th Birthday Septemberians" - as a joke saja pun.
By the way, thank you albin sayang (cewahh! joking people) for the duit toll yang kamu bagi tu...

Wednesday, September 10, 2008


bulan-bulan ramadhan ni, semua nampak sedap.
last year, I craved for caramel.
this time around, I craved for cakes!
kek batik on top of my list.
I wasn't a big fan of cake (except cheese cake).
tapi ternampak kek batik di bazar Tun Hussein Onn, terus terliur.
and to make matter worse, Fahmi (my OAS colleague) bagi gambar kek lapis sarawak pulak.
everything look yummy.
singgah mydin, nampak pulak kek pisang.
ya rabbi!
padahal before this, tak pandang sangat pun kek-kek ni.
berlambak jual, never once I even consider buying.
Or was it because I make my own money now?

실례하겠습니다! (shillehagessumnida)- saying it with anger

Click here to know the meaning of my post title.

I hate when people just point their fingers at others.
When he/she was asked about something.
Mana file tu? - Point at me.
Mana borang-borang tu? - Again, I was pointed at.
I bagi you kan... - Huh? Since when?
(Yes, I forgot sometimes but that doesn't mean I forget easily.)
Just because I was there doesn't mean that I have to be responsible for everything.
Again. DAMN IT!

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

happy kya?

tiba-tiba aku teringat tagline domino's pizza kat india - hungry kya.
tapi it's got nothing to do the happy emotion here.
my meeting was canceled this evening.
postpone it on thursday morning.

nasib baik pagi.
i've got other plan that thursday evening.
lepaking with the scientist of computer in Shah Alam.

Saturday, September 6, 2008

a picture is better than 1000 words

Picture tag, for a change :)

1. The age you will be on your next birthday.

2. A place you'd like to travel to.



3. Your favourite place.

A Place I Called 'Home'

4. Your favorite food.

Cheese cake

Kuey Tiau Goreng

5. Your favourite pet animal.


6. Your favourite colour combination.

7. Your favourite piece of clothing.

the black cardigan and the dark jeans

8. Your all time current favourite song.

9. Your favourite TV show (currently).

10. The first name of your significant other/crush. [nah i put photo terus]

11. The town you live in.

cheras (to be exact)

12. Your first job.

13. Your dream job.

14. A bad habit you have.

15. Your worst fear.

16. One thing you'd like to do before you die.

colourful world

I was bored the other day at the office.
So, I surf the net.
Browsing for a really bright and beautiful pictures.
Here's a few of what really made my day.

courtesy of flickr & photobucket