Thursday, November 18, 2010

Harry Potter & The Deathly Hallows : Part 1

yeay! dah tengok HP7! orang lain cuti balik kampung, saya cuti balik Hogwarts. ececeh. overall i think it was quite good...although it wasn't quite what i had imagined. because there were less fight scenes but i guessed they just wanted to save the best for last. i kinda expect more towards the ending and i know people would say 'nama pun part 1 kan' but i wished there were some extra ummphh at the end. and oh yeah, forgot to mention this HP7 part 1 was quite funny. especially the 'twilight' scene which i thought was hilarious. twilight what? well, you gotta see it to understand it. those battle twilight vs harry potter suddenly comes to mind. even though i don't get it. there were also some surprise scenes that kinda shocked me a little bit especially the one with the snake.

in this movie, the trio (hermoine, ron and harry) went on a journey to find the remaining horcrux. so basically it centers on the three main characters. that's probably why you won't be seeing other characters that much like snape, draco malfoy, fred and george, luna and ginny just to name a few.

anyway, i've read the books like a gazillions years ago so i kinda forgot about certain scenes in the film. hmm gotta read the book back i think. i seriously can't wait for next year! man, that's gonna be a really loooooonnnngggg wait...

motif saya speaking london tetiba? dengan grammar lintang pukang. suka hati je kau ek odah...oh ye, is there any 3D version in Malaysia? i want to watch it for the second time but with 3D. kalau ada siapa tahu, let me know ye. thanks.

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