Monday, February 28, 2011

cruel and mean

yesterday, the whole clan went out for lunch at The Curve. pergi Ah Tuan Ee's Restaurant, a nyonya restaurant. the food was amazing, totally recommended. but that's not what i want to rant about here. we were seated next to this one family who brought along their maid. apa yang buat saya macam nak sound baekkk punya kat family tu was the way they treated the maid. bayangkan satu famili tu tengah makan and the maid to kena berdiri je jaga baby tuan dia. i mean standing the whole time they were in the restaurant. kalau dorang makan selama 1 jam, 1 jam tu lah maid tu berdiri je kat sebelah baby tu. tuan dia sedap makan macam-macam but tak order langsung bagi maid tu makan. standing for one hour jaga budak and not being offered anything to eat. can you imagine tak? 
i think that's just a pure act of cruelty. so mean. dah tak berperikemanusiaan. i know she was just a maid, but she is still a human being too you know. it doesn't mean that you can be heartless bastards to them. hishhh talking about it je pun kinda makes me wanted to punch the family's face. i don't care melayu ke, cina ke, india ke. what they did was wrong and unacceptable. geez, malaysian ke tu?!

and now you wonder kenapa ada maid lari dari rumah kan...


dd dudu said...

nak tanya jugak, malay ke cina ke india eh

rosealley said...

kejam kot!!