Sunday, August 7, 2011

acoustic cover

i loveeee listening to cover version of certain songs especially if it was done in an acoustic version by just another 'ordinary' person, not by some already famous artists. so that's basically why i'm spending most of my free time on youtube surfing for the latest cover done on the songs that i like. i came across a few channels like Maddie Jane but my ultimate favourite is Boyce Avenue. one song that really caught my attention when the guys performing Just The Way You Are by Bruno Mars. tak caya? silalah dengar ini. best sangat. very soothing.

best kaaannnnn?? i really feel like these guys are amazing and talented as well. they've been doing cover for quite sometimes and they've covered quite a lot of songs. they also have their own songs but like i said, i love the acoustic cover version so i don't really listen to their songs. haha kejam. but i still love them though... :)

here's another one. my current favourite song by Coldplay.

anyway, if you want to watch more videos from Boyce Avenue,  go check out their YouTube Channel - YouTube/BoyceAvenue

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