Tuesday, January 6, 2009

a year that was

my first post of 2009. yeehaa! yeah, i know it's a bit late for the new year post. memang dah belated new year. i was so occupied with work, can't even breathe easily. after i returned from Sarawak (which i still haven't posting about it as it was so long journey, i'm feeling too blah to write it. baca di ummu's blog je nanti, kalau dia post lah. huhu), i straight away got into work so deep that i couldn't pull myself out. cewah! memang tak sempat nak rest. but anyway, i'm not gonna talk about work on this post, sudah-sudahlah pasal kerja.

2008 brings so much memories. the good, the bad and the so-so. growing up is definitely a tough things to do. i learned about responsibilites, people's crazy behaviour, working life, friendships. so many things that i might not be able to experienced it again this year.

some rules have been broken too. hukhuk. tak sengaja, terpaksa. couldn't really escaped from it. i still haven't met my McDreamy. sob sob! not because i'm not interested, i wasn't looking for it. cewah. ayat cover. hahaha! i didn't cried that much last year. i only cried when watching sad movies or reading truly sad novels.

one word to describe my 2008: FUN.
India, convocation, Sarawak, work (tak sangka work pun fun kan? heheh), friends whom I can't live without, my mom going for Hajj, my first many things!

anyway...happy belated new year, guys!

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