Saturday, January 1, 2011

another year

another year has gone by. have i become wiser? that, i did not know. but what i do know is that 2010 has definitely made my life filled with joy and great happiness. weddings, new job, travelling, fun holidays, more savings, new friends, new responsibilities and all has been apart of that greatness. this year, i feel like i've become a matured (i think!) person especially when dealing with decision making situations. i've learned to accept the consequences of every single decisions that i made. yes, it wasn't easy at first but as time goes by, i realized that this is my faith and i might as well lived with it.

i've lost an uncle whom i dearly loved around end of March this year. that was quite a breakdown for me. i remembered crying so bad while i was driving from the office to my aunt's house. i'm so sure that i wasn't always being good to him even though i knew i was one of his favourite nieces (perasan jap). i remembered the last time i saw him was probably 3 or 4 days before he died. i never did see it coming nor have i see any sign that he's dying even though i knew he was very sick. he passed away on Friday, right before the Friday's prayer. i was having a hard time reciting Yassin during his funeral, trying to hold back the tears. to my dearest uncle, i knew you always wanted the best for me ever since i was a child. i knew you were quite disappointed when i decided not to accept the PTD interview. but i hope i've done you proud, uncle now that i'm in the government sector just like you always wanted me to be. were not here to shared the news. i once remembered hearing my father said to me and my mother 'if uncle tumat is still here, he'll be really proud!' :'(

anyway, didn't i mentioned earlier that this year has been a joy and happiness? why in the world am i writing a sad story pulak ni? i shall stop with the tears dropping story. besides, writing it kinda makes me sad all over again. life has to go on and i have to moved on right? Ok ok, hmm lemme see....anything else 2010 events do i need to recall and mention it here?

new job : checked!
new gadget : checked!
new friends : checked!
hmmm new...

A HA!!

what about new boyfriend? *blush*

NOPE! i haven't found one. hehe. still waiting for the guy in the picture below to change his name to Johan Dafi Abdullah. berangan tak sudah haha.

so 2011, please be good to me ya. i'll turn 26 next june. what? 26 years old?! geez, feel like an old lady oledi. anyway, hope i'll find love this year because i've wished to get married by the time i'm 27. ececeh wish tak menahan.

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xara said...

Johan Dafi Abdullah tu sudah tua la.. cari la yang muda-muda sikit. artis-artis K-pop ke.. ekeke