Sunday, January 16, 2011

the serious one

sometimes it sucks being the 'young-one in the group'. i mean whenever i'm saying something or asking others to do something, it's like i'm not being taken seriously. i know that i was never the serious one, not because i can't be serious but i just don't want to be one. i admit that i'm having such a tough time whenever i need to put my serious mask on because i'll turn up laughing in the end but that doesn't mean that people can just messed around with me. i may be smiling and giggling but deep down, i am dead serious especially if it was some serious business. or maybe when people started to chased me up to get the job done. it's really exhausting when i was to blamed whenever the job that i asked others to do was not done. i ended up doing it myself. and my workload increased.

truth is i am the kind of laid-back type of person who likes to have a laugh and enjoy myself. i want to be 'the friend' but at the same time, respect me for who i am. i'm not saying that i want to be an evil-serious person. all i want was to be taken seriously.

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