Tuesday, April 26, 2011

sad sad day

Sebuah hadis Nabi SAW yang diriwayatkan oleh Abdullah bin Abbas RA, bahawa Rasulullah SAW bersabda yang ertinya:
"Bahawa malaikat maut memerhatikan wajah manusia di muka bumi ini 70 kali dalam sehari.."

just to share some devastating news to all my followers. a friend of mine had just lost her husband to lung cancer today (25 April 2011) after battling it for quite some time. i was trembling with shocked when i heard about the news. i just planned with ummu to visit them later this evening since he was admitted to ICU few days ago. and to learn that his condition was quite critical just few hours before he passed away was....heartbroken. all i could think of was...their one year-old daughter. *sigh*

went to HUKM wishing and hoping i would bumped into her though i kinda realized that it was quite impossible since i only managed to leave work after 5.30 pm and her husband passed away around 4.00 pm. and boy was i right if only i was 15 minutes early maybe i'll be able to hug her. sad. that's practically what i felt this whole evening. anyway, i was so glad that i get to talked to her on the phone while on my way home. 

i thought she would sound depressing and sad and crying but Ya Allah! she is such a strong woman. she's a fighter. kalau orang tak kenal dia mungkin orang akan wondering dia tak sedih ke. but that's my girl. knowing her for the last seven years, crying was not something that she's good at. she is known for her spirit, joyful and laughter and of course, her good heart.

their one year-old adorable daughter.

dearest maisarah. i know it's easier said than done when people often said 'life has to go on'. i know it's not easy. but i know you. you'll get through this no matter what. i will be there for you. all your friends, we will be there for you. just when you think you can't take it any longer, reach for us and we'll reach your hand and your daughter's. life is tough but YOU ARE TOUGHER! love you and will always love you...


~* chirpy_chummy *~ said...


ezzan, sorry for asking..

arwah mmg x tau ke b4 diz dia ade lung cancer? (my bestfren oso suffer dgn penyakit ni..T_T )


Ezzan Yusop said...

mar : hmm yg aku dengar b4 ni ingatkan mcm batuk2 biasa and suspect tibi. tp bila diagnosed balik rupanya lung cancer :(

al-fatihah buat arwah Izwan...

Tuan Punya Blog said...

ezzan, ko buat aku menangis lagi.

ye mai kuat orangnya.

semoga mai terus tabah dan kuat utk besarkan umairah.

al-fatihah buat arwah izwan.


nurul azida ahmad said...

Innalillah. Oh my god, igt just batuk2 je ke. erm, so lama ke die suffer?


Ezzan Yusop said...

hally : aku nangis bila baca wall fb arwah. Mai is a super woman. She's always will be...

zida : hmm yup, mula2 ingat batuk2 tibi camtu. xsgka rupanya cancer. lama x lama gak la. rasanya start bulan feb ke mac camtu.

~* chirpy_chummy *~ said...

ezzan, dia ade keturunan yg ade cancer ke? sorry, aku byk soal.