Monday, May 2, 2011


there was a time i somehow regret the decision i made to joined the government sector. sure, you get all these benefits and all. but did i get to brush up my sort-of IT skills? i don't think so. in fact, none of the work that i did so far totally related to IT. does writing tones of letters using the computers can be called an IT job? does being a data entry clerk can be defined as an IT related workload? 

sometimes i feel like tak perlulah nak bangga jadi Pegawai Teknologi Maklumat if all you do is sit behind the desk writing emails and letters to people inviting them to attend meeting or to order food for the meeting and yada yada yada. ridiculous right? i seriously think that job can be done by the clerk. i personally think an IT officer should be involved in the technical aspects of the system development. meaning if there's issues or problems regarding the system, yes. you can call the IT people. but if you want someone to write a freaking letter to call for a meeting or you need someone to call everyone in the attendee's list just to let them know the meeting was cancel, ask your PA to do that. if you don't have a PA, then go and find one!

sigh. what to do now? resign from the government? well, the thought did crossed my mind. i even discussed it with my parents to tell you the truth. tapi tu lah, nak buat decision ni pun besar impak dia. nak kena cari kerja balik. hmm...rossa oh rossa! ada kosong tak kat MMU tu? think you can accept my resume if i did decide to quit? ;p


rosealley said...

u are most welcome!!but kesian kat u la, kontrak je pung, huhu, be strong my dear:)

Cik Seni said...

ezan, bulan 5 ni maybe ada iklan keje kosong peg IT @ System Analyst kat LHDN. Kat LHDN pegawai IT kena buat semua, tulis emel, order makan minum, buat minit mesyuarat, kena join meeting, join UAT&FAT, join buat URS, kena tau pasal server/ maybe kena datang malam or wiken, pastu buat coding pun kena jugak...huk2, tak suka buat coding... :(

kadang2 rasa macam kena kerat diri sendiri jadi dua, tiga, empat sebab nak settlekan keje...huhu.

keje tak siap lagi ni, tapi sempat lagi intai blog kawan2...heee.

noname said...

try file a report to JPA, ada staff bgtau yg JPA memang pantang kalau ada agensi or ministry yg layan IT staff sepertimana yang sepatutnya.. as a starter, maybe u can directly call JPA n ask for directions