Wednesday, July 6, 2011

is it normal...

is it normal...that i extremely hate someone so damn much?
is it normal...that i feel so irritated to the point of i can't even see his/her face?
is it normal...that whenever i'm around him/her, i feel so angry that i want to punch his/her face?
is it normal...that whenever i heard his/her voice, i feel so annoyed that i can't even focus?
is it normal...that i wished that he/she would disappear right before my eyes?
is it normal...that i have these mean negative thoughts and ideas of me being cruel to him/her?
is it normal...that i dreamed that i have never met him/her in my life?
is it normal...that i hope that one day, he/she would get what he/she deserves after the way he/she treat people around her?

i'm not used to this feeling of hatred towards someone so bad. i feel so 'sinful' just by having negative thoughts about some of the cruel things that i wished i could have done to them. sometimes i feel like i should go to a counseling session or something, because i just feel that..this is not normal. any normal person would not have this issue. never in my 26 years of life that i ever hate someone as much as i hate 'this' person. 

"some people are like clouds. when they disappear, it's a brighter day!"

yes, i'm referring to that particular person. CLOUDS would be the nickname from now on.

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