Saturday, April 10, 2010

cartoon lover

growing up, i love watching Disney Cartoons like Cinderella, Snow White and Sleeping Beauty because it's a fairytale. it's always about princess and the handsome prince, a mean wicked stepmother, the huge castle and, it's hard not to love these cartoons right. even when i went to LA a couple of times when i was a kid, i never really get tired of going to Disneyland over and over again. you get to see all this cartoon characters come to live. it's truly the happiest place on earth for a kid.

but, as i started to get older, i turned out to be someone who doesn't like watching animated movies/cartoons at the cinemas. so when people asked me to join them for a movie, i was excited at first. but after i asked them what film are we going to watch, my excitement turns sour whenever they told me it's an animated movie. i kinda feel like it's not worth a watch unless you are a kid.

however, that all change when i watched Happy Feet. the singing and tap-dancing penguins are just so lovable and cute and it's sooo hard to say NO to. slowly, i began to watched more animated movies like Upin Ipin, Princess And The Frogs and the latest one, How To Train Your Dragon.

it was a damn good movie. i actually enjoyed myself watching it even though there was some noisy kids seated next to me. i managed to ignored all the noise and focused on the movie itself. How To Train Your Dragon (HTTYD) is hilarious and at the same time, it something that we can relate to. it's easy to understand. and oh ye, i did cried towards the end. hehe.

watching HTTYD makes me realized one thing though....

how i wish i could own a pet dragon like Toothless.
that can fly me to anywhere in the world!! yeehaaa!


xara said...

tapi, susah wo nak simpan dalam rumah. besar bagak tu saiz dia. tapi sangat kiut kan toothless tu.

nurul azida ahmad said...

bising sungguh budak2 dlm panggung tu kan. nsb baik mak sabar noks time tgk. lantakla nk kate ape, gelak tatap gelak! hahahaha