Thursday, December 31, 2009

back from the holiday

i'm baccckkkkkkkk. ok, that sounds so lame as if people were expecting you. ahaks. after 4 idle days i'm finally back from my penang trip. the trip was amazing. we had so much fun. love the food, the shopping and the camwhoring mode there. feels like wanted to stay there for a long time but duty calls. anyway, i will blog about the trip later :) together with some photos.

*tetiba berbahasa inggeris pula kat sini. al-maklumlah banyak sangat mat saleh kat penang tu terasa macam kat oversea pula. huihuihui~


mun-e said...

ezzan ade 1 blog tu plagiat entry ezzan la. seyes! 2 entry dah die copy bolat bolat. ezzan nak x link blog die?

hahahahaha :p

Ezzan Yusop said...

muni : blog sape? wah tibe2 i excited nak tau. kehkehkeh!

mun-e said...

name blog tu Photoblog :: FOR YOUR EYES ONLY

cepat2 g google! :p