Saturday, July 18, 2009

Man U vs Malaysian Team

the first goal from Malaysian Team was superb la weh i tell you. cewah... chantek gila! one of the best goal lah of the match. it was supposed to be a draw until Michael Owen's goal crashed the malaysian dream. well, 2 - 3 ain't bad after all. happy tengok score tu.

but people...cuba fikir kalau Owen tak masuk MU, then there wouldn't be that winning goal right? jadi, mari benci Owen. teehee.
okaylah, itu saja yang nak dibebelkan.

update on Sunday : they did extremely well during the 1st match, i hope the malaysian team can outperform the MU team and re-live the glory again this monday for the 2nd match. so, go malaysia go! habis patriotik dah ni. teehee!
how about beating the mat saleh's team for once?

ps : tak pergi pun stadium tengok game tu. saya penyokong liverpool. tak suka wohh owen masuk MU.
infact, i don't like any ex-liverpool players masuk MU. bahaha.

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