Monday, February 23, 2009


i don't know why i keep getting sleepy easily these days.
just now, i managed to get a little sleep in front of the computer.
even while i'm doing my work.
thank God no one realized it, not even kimboy! hukhuk.
nak kata tak cukup rest, i rarely stay up late at the office these days.
paling lewat pun around 10pm macam tu.
before this, while selalu spent masa kat office, i can't barely sleep.
only able to sleep after subuh.

last night, i was really dead tired i even went to bed at 9.
imagine that. 9pm off to bed??
so not like me.
i even don't have the energy to turn off my laptop before that.
sampai ke pagi ok laptopku berjaga. hukhuk.
(ke...maybe semalam penat tengok Geng, macam aku dah habis join pengembaraan tu la. sebab tu kot penat. hahaha! Geng best, silalah pergi tengok. malas dah nak buat promosi, semua org buat dah. jadi aku hanya nak beritahu cerita tu best. nak tengok ke taknak tengok ke, korang punye pasal. ahaks!)

anyway, i still haven't got the time to watch the Oscar winning movie, 'Slumdog Millionaire'.
the only time that is available now pun waktu malam.
tu pun tengok juga mood aku.
kalau mood tu boleh layan, aku layanlah.
tapi macam sekarang, aku takde mood sangat nak tengok movie kat lappy.
kena tunggu aku betul-betul free and mood aku relaxing, then only i am able to sitback and watch. tapi definitely not now lah kan.

by the way, i'm writing this post with my eyes almost closed due to the extreme fatigue and that badly needed sleep. that's why you will be wondering apa sebenarnya point post ini. jangan tanya aku. aku pun tak tahu. hahaha!

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Anonymous said...

haha..mmg mereng..hihi
mmg kne la ngan label ko bg tu..hihi
cian...exhausted ye?huhu