Friday, February 6, 2009

wipe away the sorrow tears

i cried today. sob sob!
3 times to be exact.
due to the stress and tension cause by the workload.
but i'm not stressed out because of the coding.
i like coding in fact.
enjoyed doing it.

i can't believe i cried because of the documentation work.
tak nangis pula masa sesi development.
what worst is that...i cried during meeting.
but i lied saying that it was due to the lack of sleep when people asked.
can't believe i did that.

i feel that.
hatred has taking over my heart!

one word that came to mind was...f**k off!
(well, that's two word isn't it)


dd dudu said...

sian ezzannnn
hapuskan air mata ezzan~

pandangdenganmatahati said...

sabar2.. pokpok

sy pon rase documentation lagi susah drpd coding. xsuke xsuke xsuke!!

dLa IS THE NAME said...

be strong darling..!! kte cikam2 yg howts ini sume gagah perkasa. caiyyookkk!!!