Saturday, August 7, 2010

kurang masin

eh, bukan salt ini yang kurang masin.
salt ini ha...

watched SALT just now with my sister right after i got back from work. the movie was just OK to me. nothing special. nothing significant. in fact it was pretty predictable. senang cakap, cerita ini macam kurang garam lah. dia tak buh garam secukup rasa. sayang nama je SALT tapi tak Salty mana pun. hehe. but boy i just gotta say this one thing. blonde or brunette, angelina jolie was smokingly hawt! she was the reason i decided to watched this film. ikutkan hati tadi nak tengok The Last Airbender tu tapi full house noks. anyway, tu je lah nak beritahu. hehe.

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