Friday, June 4, 2010

fetch me

dear journal,

i don't know why i loved the feeling of having my parents to fetch me from work especially when they had the day off. called me spoiled or gedik or whatever, but i can't help smiling from ear to ear knowing that i'll be going back with them. i kinda feel like i'm a school girl all over again. you know, the excitement of having your parents fetching you from work or school waiting for you to hop in the car and drive off somewhere before heading back to home. i feel joy. a joy that you could not describe in words.

i'm not sure others would understand how i feel. to be honest, i don't like to work. but had to. that's the only way to earn a living. if i were given a chance whether to work at the office or work from home, i would choose home in a heartbeat. i really like to stay at home. i kinda feel a sense of belonging whenever i'm home although there can be a little crazy at times with the yelling and laughing. damn. dah mengarut. okthxbye.

so-called spoiled brat!

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