Tuesday, July 13, 2010

eclipse : is it worth watching for?

twilight twilight. sigh. where do i even begin. even after new moon and now eclipse, i don't care if it hit the box office status i'd still prefer the first film. it was magical. the chemistry was amazing. i'd watched it all over again whenever they're showing on star movies. the soundtracks was the best, i even listened to the whole album. who can't forget Supermassive Black Hole and Flightless Bird American Mouth right? even the whole storyline was good. is it because it was directed by a woman? hmm...

anyway, while new moon was like a dead bored to me, eclipse was just OK compared to new moon. eclipse is way funnier but that was just it. i think in eclipse one character that stands out among the rest was Jasper. that guy was super cool. i kinda like him in this one. i think he and jacob save eclipse. and oh yeah, that new born dude, Riley too.

the first film i was like head over heels with rob as edward (i mean who doesn't right?). the second one was jacob all the way with those abs and the wolf pack. this third time however, i'll pick jasper as my favourite. jasper got my heart baby.

ok lah. kang peminat twilight marah saya review filem eclipse ni. huhu. dari 5 bintang saya bagi 2.5 bintang. it's n0t totally bad but it's not totally good either. i don't think i'll watch it again. well unless lah kalau taylor lautner ajak teman dia tengok dia bertukar menjadi werewolf. cewah.

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ken said...

i watched twilight and that's all =)