Sunday, July 18, 2010

Inception : Must Watch!

Oo Em Gee. Christopher Nolan is a genius!! saya pergi menonton tanpa membaca sebarang sinopsis or tanpa menonton trailer di tv or anything whatsoever. pergi sebab dalam E!Online bagi A for this film dan saya tak baca pun review diorang. and you know what? they were right!

why this is a must watch movie? simple. one, it requires you to think and concentrate. the ending will leave you debating in that glass half-full, half empty kinda way. let just say, it's a movie that needs to be seen more than once. two, i was never a fan of Leonardo DiCaprio before this but boy, that guy is just brilliantly talented. the way he portrayed the character Cobb was just astonishing. full of emotions. three, the whole cast were brilliant. i was impressed with the performance of ellen page and joseph gordon levitt. four, the storyline itself was like totally out of this world. i was like...'shoot! mana diorang dapat idea ni?! hmm maybe they did some inception themselves you know, in order to make this movie!'. five, this is the guy who directed The Dark Knight guys! one of the best movie of all time. need i say more?

it is, by far one of the best movie from Christopher Nolan aside from The Dark Knight. two thumbs up! recommended and worth watching for. i loved this movie with or without that what-the-hell final wrinkle. wanna watch it again! :)

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k0k s3n w4i said...

nolan took like 10 years to complete the script, but he was working on the concept - on and off - for 25 years... based on his own experiences with dreams and lucid dreaming :)

something this long in incubation is bound to be awesome :D