Saturday, March 28, 2009

fascinating british

those british accents...really made me weak to my knees. walaweh! i don't know why but i always find it fascinating listening to the voices of english actors. and i mean ENGLISH okay, not some Hollywood actors. actors macam Rupert Everett (even though he's gay), Colin Firth (sangat suka dia walaupun dia agak tua), James McAvoy (oohhh, those eyes!) and currently, Hugh Darcy (oh, dia sangat hawwwwttttt!!). yes, british accents was a little hard to understand especially when they talked really fast but i can't help finding it beautiful. i was so infatuated with it that sometimes people caught me off guard not listening to them because i was just too focusing on the sounds. i also fell in love with movies like 'Love Actually' (a good one ni!), 'Pride And Prejudice' and 'Becoming Jane' (thanks to Id for promoting it in her blog, kalau tak mesti aku tak tertengok cerita ini).

so...apa purpose entry ini ditulis?
saya pun tidak tahu.
mungkin sebab saya rindu kampung halaman saya di London kot.
haha. poyo!

but seriously, i do missed having holiday in London...terribly!
(the last time was way back when i was still in primary school)

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