Sunday, April 26, 2009

if you could see me now

entry ini adalah book review. jangan baca kalau anda rasa bosan. haha.

i spent my weekend in bookworm mode.
finished up 2 novels that i bought on saturday - 1 malay and 1 english.
"Syurga Di Hati" (ye, saya jiwang. ada masalah ke?) and "If You Could See Me Now" by Cecilia Ahern.
i cried at both stories. saya sensitif ok.
i'm falling in love with Ahern's writing.
her first novel that i read was not "PS I Love You" but "Where Rainbow Ends"...a remarkable story, i enjoyed every pages of it. (believe it or not, i still haven't read PS I Love You).

i love the forbidden love between ivan and elizabeth because it was not your typical love story. elizabeth loved ivan, a man she and her nephew were the only one able to see him. nobody around them can see him except for both of them. it was because ivan was so-called "an imaginary friend" who was assigned to help Luke and at first, it was only Luke who can see him. but he senses that elizabeth, too needed his help. since then, elizabeth managed to see him and really enjoyed his company. while he help them discover life, they kinda helped him discover his own life too. the only mistake ivan did was falling in love with elizabeth. being with her makes him realized what he's been missing in his life too.

read full review here

totally worth every penny.
i gave 2 thumbs-up!
i laughed and i cried throughout reading this novel.


dianahamasuba said...

yeah! aku pun da baca. memang sonok. hehehe :D

-aTie- said...

atie ade sume ahern's novel... now tgah bace d gift n next mencari the book of tommorow...xkan rugi dgn cerite2 die