Thursday, August 13, 2009

blame it on the hormons

my emotions for the past few days were like roller coaster.
one moment i was happy and laughing and the next, i'm so pissed off.
you know like when you were so upset and mad and out of control, you feel like throwing a tantrum.
but you know deep down inside that there's really nothing you can do...well, except crying.
even the tiniest and silliest thing could really...hmm, how to say ek.
ala macam azean irdawaty cakap. ayat famous dalam drama tu.
apa tuh...hah, make my blood go upstairs.
i usually keep my mouth shut whenever something's pissing me off.
or if i'm extremely mad at someone, i stay quiet.
pretending to be invisible. pretending to not to care.
pretending not to listen. pretending to be...expressionless!
but now, i have no idea why mulut ni ringan sangat nak menjawab saja bila orang tegur.

hmmm, i'm having a tough time controlling the hormons...
damn it!

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